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Is our next President going to be a dictator?

February 5, 2007

Are we following in the footsteps of Venezuela? Is our next President going to
be a dictator? After listening to a couple of the candidates running for office
in two years we may need to start packing our bags and putting our money in
offshore accounts.

This past week Dennis Kucinich D-Ohio wants to get rid of conservative talk
radio all together, but is willing to keep it as long as for every minute of
pro conservative talk is countered with the same amount of pro liberal talk.
What has Mr. Kucinich so upset is that Air America the main liberal talk show
network has filed for bankruptcy, while talk shows like Sean Hannity, Rush
Limbaugh and Neal Boortz thrive. The liberals just cannot handle capitalism or
people making money with their brains.

This past day, Hillary Clinton D-NY was talking to the Democratic National
Convention (DNC), one of her statements was that the government should take the
profits of major oil companies and put them in a national account for energy
alternatives. If this happens, what is to stop her or the government from
taking all of the profits from the local grocer to put into an account to help
feed the hungry, or the local realtor having his profits taken to house the

I know this sounds far fetched, but we have two years to elect a new president
and fortunately it will give us two years to look at the candidates and their
records. When I heard the first person say he was running, I was thinking that
this is not good. After seeing and hearing the comments from the aforementioned
and others I am having second thoughts.

Larry Donaldson
Darlington, SC 29532

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