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To: South Carolina Legislators (Letter to Editor)

January 31, 2007

To: South Carolina Legislators

     As a 52 year old woman, change is often hard and scary.  Fundamentally, Change denotes the transition that occurs when something goes from being the same to being different. Per Wikipedia, “With the rise of industrialization and capitalism, the importance attached to innovation grew, and social and political upheavals and pressures often forced change by violent revolution (as in North America in the late 18th century and in later imitators). By the late 20th century much business and New Age thought focused enthusiastically on transformation in management , in function and in mental attitudes, while ignoring or deploring changes in society or in geopolitics.

     Leadership accountability drives overall organizational performance.  Effective leaders understand the enterprise strategy and deliver on their departmental objectives. They energize and provide clear direction when leading for results . Most important, they understand the impact their decisions and actions have on financial, customer and organizational outcomes — and they take responsibility for those results.

It is very clear that our South Carolina Department of Transportation lacks accountability.  How best for the State Legislature to insure future accountability to the citizens of South Carolina?  The only way possible is to make SCDOT a cabinet agency.  By having many bosses, true accountability is not present and today’s problems are not solved.

Today, I had a conversation with one of Senator Demint’s Regional Directors.  Based on our conversation, there is tremendous concern on flowing additional federal funds down to SCDOT because of lack of accountability.   So, if we do not drastically change the present structure, how can you convince the Federal Government to give SC more funding?

We have begun a petition drive to present to the SC Legislature to ask for SCDOT to be a cabinet agency.  Within a week’s time, we have almost 200 people across the state to sign.  I believe that you will see many others signing as they find out about it.  Most South Carolinians are tired of this abuse and want to see immediate action for true accountability.

I urge you as the State Legislature to immediately vote to make SCDOT a cabinet agency and hold the Governor accountable for its success.


Denise Jones

1149 Pine Grove Road

Blythewood, SC 29016


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